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Skills Update is dedicated to help learners gain work-ready qualities, industry knowledge, and practical skills to progress in a career of their choice.






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NZQA Category-1 Provider

Gain skills that will give you the job.

Our Quality Assurance Team is dedicated to the ongoing improvement of our organisation. As a Category 1 provider (NZQA’s highest rating for Educational Performance and Self-Assessment), you can be assured that our programmes will be amongst the best in the education sector.

Our tutoring team has many years of industry experience and continue to maintain relationships with industry organisations to promote ongoing relevance, demand and work-based training.

Category One Provider

This is the highest rating possible which means NZQA is highly confident in our educational performance and capability of self-assessment.

NZQA Accredited

We have been accredited by NZQA since 1992. We hold one of the largest scope of accreditation for a private provider.

Five Campuses

We have five purpose-built campuses situated in Mangere, Papakura and Kelston, in Auckland, Tauranga and Christchurch with modern infrastructure and facilities.

TEC Funded

We are a TEC funded organisation delivering programmes for youth and adult learners. We also deliver programmes for Ministry of Social Development (MSD) and international learners.


We want our programmes to be relevant to the industry resulting in great outcomes to our learners. We are continuously innovating to develop products that reflect the future of education.

Fees Free and Scholarships

Many of our programmes are offered fees free. We also have scholarships available for different programmes.

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Don’t be scared of what’s ahead, don’t be scared to take up the challenge”

Vinny Toailoa

Graduate of 2018

Limitless learning and opportunities

Skills Update Training and Education Group is committed to consistently providing high quality education and training services to our communities.