"He showed me the tricks
of the trade..."

Hard work, a desire to learn and a positive attitude has helped Cori Vogel achieve his goal of being employed with a company that he feels is a great place to work.

Cori Vogel has recently completed an automotive course at the Kelston branch of Skills Update Training Institute in West Auckland.
He received his certificates in the following:

•    NZQA Motor Industry (Foundation Skills) ~ LEVEL 1
•    NZQA Motor Industry (Entry Skills) ~ LEVEL 2 (Automotive and Mechanical)
•    Skills Update Training Institute Certificate of Achievement – LEVEL 1
(Motor Industry – Foundation Skills)
•    Skills Update Training Institute Certificate of Achievement – LEVEL 2
(Motor Industry – Entry Level)
According to Cori what helped make his experience at Skills Update successful was his tutor Cheng Suan Lee, known to the boys as M.K.

M.K spent time teaching him things one to one helping Cori to increase his automotive knowledge.” He showed me all his tricks of the trade and what different components do and what their purpose was”.

You also had a lot of theory work to do but M.K. always makes sure that we spent time in the course workshop working on practical projects.
Also we had class trips to business’ and companies where we saw how these were run and what employment opportunities could be available to us in the automotive industry.

As part of the course I was also given the opportunity to spend time in a local garage completing work experience on a regular basis and as a result, I was offered fulltime employment once I completed the automotive course at Skills Update.
It’s a great place to work and I never stop learning and adding to my knowledge. I enjoy the hard work and even working the late nights.

I would recommend to anyone between the ages of 16 – 19 years who is looking to get into the automotive trade and does not know where to start – Give Skills Update in Kelston a call.

It may be the best thing you ever do!!

- Cori Vogel

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