"Seize the moment and follow your dreams"

17 year old Reihana is a student At Skills Update Training Institute.

I met with him this week to talk about what his goals in life are and how he plans on achieving them. And this is what he had to say:

“My goal is to gain a qualification from Skills Update and continue onto the police academy in Wellington, were I will further my studies to become a qualified mechanic for the force”.

I asked him how he found the structure of this course and how it has helped him.

“I was given an opportunity to fast track my studies by putting in a bit more effort on my book work and assessments, I also love the encouragement from our tutor Glen, his style of teaching keeps me engaged”.

Reihana’s passion for this course and career choice came from the influence of his mum, who served in the Navy when she was younger, his dad who is a qualified mechanic and also his attendance at Vanguard Military School out on the Shore.

“I found the approach that SUTI takes is much better than ordinary schooling as at school they don’t pay attention to each individual, and they don’t care if you pass or fail but here at SUTI I found that the tutors want you to reach your goals and they keep encouraging you to meet them by completing your assessments and tasks that are required.

“This Pre Force Entry course is a good way to go if you are wanting to get into the Police, Army, Navy or Air force, as here they will ask you where you want to be and then mould you towards that goal and reaching your targets”.

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