"I was really enjoying what I was learning,
especially the practical part

When I first started at Skills Update Training Institute in Kelston I didn’t know anyone.

This didn’t worry me but I thought that it might have been like school.

School hadn’t been a great place for me, I didn’t get along with the teachers and I skipped class regularly.

During my first day at Skills Update people came and talked to me and were really friendly and helpful. Even the tutors that I meet were welcoming and took time to show me what to do and where to go.

There wasn’t too much pressure the first few days but I must admit I started slacking off and messing around causing a few problems.

My aunty inspired me to take a look at myself and see that there was nothing for me if I stayed home or went out and got into trouble.

Going back to class I realised that it was all up to me to do something with myself.

I never like to sit and spend time at my desk writing, but I didn’t want to give up as Skills Update seemed to let me learn at my own pace. The tutors knew my struggles and situation but encouraged and supported me all the way.

The first course I completed I gained my National certificate in Employment which allowed me to be enrolled in the automotive course.

This was the course that I had set my sights on.

I worked hard and with support and mentoring from my tutor M.K, I found I was really enjoying what I was learning, especially the practical part of the course.

I have now successfully completed my course and waiting for my National certificate.

I am going overseas for a while and on my return I will continue with my automotive qualifications at UNITEC.

I am glad I found a place like Skills Update Training in Kelston because I am now on the path to becoming a qualified mechanic.

- Ihsanullah Slimankhil

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