Forces Pre-Entry

This programme is specifically designed to prepare students for a career in the New Zealand Services or Armed Forces (Army, Navy, Airforce and Police). This will encourage learning that will enhance the student's opportunities to gain employment and/or further training. Students will be expected to display the valies of Comradship, Commitment, Humility, Courage, Integrity, Leadership and Teamwork. This course is challenging and tough but so will you be on graduation day.

Includes: National Certificate; NCEA Level 2, Vocational Pathways, Construction and Infrastructure.

To apply for this programme you must:

  • Have no criminal convictions
  • Be a NZ Citzen / Permanent Resident
  • Be prepared to participate in all physical training activities
  • Be committed to completing this programme
  • Aged 16 Years of over

All applicants must be actively seeking employment and/or further training throughout the duration of the programme.

Applicants must also meet TEC eligibility criteria - phone your nearest Skills Update branch for details.Contact Us


What Makes This Course Different?

You will have the benefit of being trained by Ex-Military Physical Training Instructors and experienced facilitators with sound knowledge of the NZDF recruitment process.

The physical training programme will be conducted on a daily basis to improve fitness levels and promote teamwork. This will involve:Class field trips to the local Marae will enable you to become more aware of the protocols and customs on a Marae, thereby encompassing the concept of Tikanga Maori into the course curriculum

Regular contact with the NZDF Recruiters (Army, Navy, Airforce and Police)Testimonials from youth currently enjoying a successful careers in the Armed Forces.

Learning military drill, how to march and how to be on parade.

A lot of press ups and sit upsUphill running with the use of logs, ammo boxes, tyres, buckets of water and fire hoses. 

Swimming lessons with qualified instructor.

You will be tested academically on a regular basis through the continued use of diagnostic tests to identify any gaps in learning and to plan your next learning steps.

Orientation Day

All students will need to attend an Orientation Day where we can explain our rules and regulations. We want our students to know exactly what they are getting themselves in to and we also want to check if the prospective candidate has any medical conditions or criminal convictions that may stop their application into the Army, Navy, Air Force or Police from being successful. It's better to know at the start than to train for 6 months only to find the application is declined.


  • Completion of the course does not guarantee automatic or priority entry into any of the services
  • Previous criminal convictions may preclude entry to indiviual services - failiure to notify recruiters of any criminal convictions (including diversion, warnings and court appearances) may result in the termination of an application
  • Certain medical conditions may prevent and application from being successful



The Forces Pre-entry course is available at the following campuses: